iPhone 12 Pro goes totally notch-free in new video

(Image credit: ConceptsiPhone/YouTube)

Where there are iPhone rumors, concept drawings of Apple's upcoming phone quickly follow. And that's what's happening with the iPhone 12.

The thing is, we wish this iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max concept being floated by ConceptiPhone on YouTube would end up being the real thing.

This doesn't appear to be a render based on leaks from Apple's supply chain. Rather, the concept video, first spotted by BGR, seems to draw on recent iPhone 12 rumors for design inspiration.

The recent report that Apple would add a Navy Blue color option to its fall iPhone releases? That's there. The widely circulated rumor that a time-of-flight lens would join the rear camera arrays on the iPhone 12 Pro and 12 Pro Max? That's present, too. The video even showcases phones with 6.1- and 6.7-inch displays, which are among the four iPhone 12 models rumored to be coming this fall.

But it's a design touch based on a more iffy rumor that caught our eye in the ConceptiPhone video. The iPhone 12 models here have no notch, all the better to accommodate a rumored redesign of the components that make up Apple's Face ID feature.

Apple watchers seem to agree that the company will eventually do away with the notch that graces its iPhones, but opinion is divided on when that will happen. The most common rumor points to 2021 as the end of the line for the notch, though some reports suggest the possibility that Apple could release a notch-free iPhone this year. (In fact, another concept drawing from last September floated this possibility, claiming to be based on an Apple prototype.) Still, conventional wisdom appears to be that this year's iPhones will look an awful lot like the ones Apple has rolled out the past few years, notch an all.

Will Apple really kill the notch on iPhone 12?

We like this concept design not only because it gives us plenty of uninterrupted screen space, but because it would be a different look for the iPhone, after a few years of identical handsets. It would help give a spark to Apple's design at a time the iPhone will be adding new feature like 5G connectivity, which is almost certain to happen this fall.

One feature in the ConceptsiPhone video that won't be appearing in the iPhone 12, though, is the lack of ports. The video shows off an iPhone with a blank space where the Lightning port would be, and that's just not going to happen this year, even if the European Union would like to make it so.

The concept video shows off an iPhone 12 with sharper edges reminiscent of the iPhone 4, another popular rumor making the rounds. And it ticks off some other widely circulated iPhone 12 rumors such as in-screen touch ID, an A14 Bionic chip and a display with a 120Hz refresh rate

Whether this wishlist of features winds up in the iPhone 12 or is relegated to the stuff of concept videos won't be clear until the fall. But expect plenty more rumors between now and then on what will and won't make the final cut for this fall's iPhone.

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