Elon Musk wants Vladimir Putin as his next Clubhouse guest — yes, really

Elon musk vladimir putin clubhouse
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Elon Musk is always trying to forge ahead on something or other, and at the moment he seems to have two things on his mind: the cryptocurrency Dogecoin, for some reason, and the invite-only audio app Clubhouse.

Musk has already slid Clubhouse into the public consciousness thanks to his interview with RobinHood CEO Vladimir Tenev, but it seems he has grander plans with an even grander Vladimir — Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Musk sent an invitation to Putin via Twitter, as is his way, asking the Russian leader to join him in a conversation on the Clubhouse app. 

Musk didn’t include any details, which had Kremlin spokesperson Dmitry Peskov telling reporters that the request was “interesting” but that Musk would need to offer up some more details.

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“First we want to figure it out, you know that President Putin does not directly use social networks, he personally does not run them," Peskov said, according to Reuters. "In general, this is a very interesting proposal, but one must first understand what is meant, what is proposed.”

World leaders typically have actual work to do and can’t just drop everything to have a conversation with a billionaire who asks nicely. They can’t just phone in whenever they feel like it and take part in an hour long ramble about whatever pops into their head.

No doubt there would have to be some back and forth between Musk and the Kremlin to outline what is and isn’t acceptable to discuss. Russian national security is a great example, and Putin likely wouldn’t be grilled about all the shady stuff he’s been accused of doing.

There are bound to be plenty more people for Musk to talk to in the meantime. Apparently Kanye West has agreed to take part in one of Musk's Clubhouse talks. Given the amount of publicity around Musk and Clubhouse, I can imagine people will be lining up to get involved, especially if it gets them one of the coveted Clubhouse invites.

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