Can't solve today's Wordle? This Wheel of Fortune fail is unbelievable

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Spare a thought this morning for these Wheel of Fortune contestants, who somehow needed nine guesses to complete the phrase "Another feather in your cap," despite having all but four letters. Yes, really.

The hilarious sequence was broadcast on TV yesterday and saw the hapless Laura, Christopher and Thomas fail in epic style through a mixture of bad luck, poor choices and downright terrible thinking.

You can watch the clip in full below, but be warned — you will be rendered helpless through laughter.

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The chief culprit is Laura, who makes three attempts to guess the phrase and somehow screws it up each time.

In fact, her first try is her best. When host Pat Sajak offers her the chance to solve, she comes up with "Another feather in your hat" — which is at least in the right area, albeit the wrong item of clothing.

Her next guess — "Another feather in your lap" — is a bit odd, but by now she's clearly just plucking words out of thin air in much the same way many of us do when struggling with today's Wordle answers.

Her third attempt wins the award for ridiculousness, though: "Another feather in your map!" Quite how (or why) anyone would put a feather in a map isn't clear, but presumably it made sense to Laura at the time.

Christopher, meanwhile, missed two chances to solve the puzzle by guessing D and G as possible letters — indicating that he also had no idea what the answer was — then followed that up by landing on 'bankrupt.'

Thomas was the most unlucky, landing on a 'bankrupt' and a 'lose turn' before finally getting a chance to put everyone out of their misery by revealing that, yes, the answer was "Put a feather in your cap."

Inevitably, Twitter users have had some fun with this one, posting a seemingly endless stream of memes and reactions.

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Having never appeared on Wheel of Fortune, we can't really empathise with how embarrassed they must all be feeling today, but if you want to get in the same ballpark we suggest you try livestreaming yourself doing Quordle.

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