Call of Duty: Warzone leak reveals new map footage — and players are annoyed

Call of Duty: Warzone
(Image credit: Ars Technica)

Call of Duty: Warzone will be heading back to the 80s, according to a leaked trailer which shows off the updated map. The footage , which seems to come from an unfinished trailer, show a new look for Verdansk. It could mean this is more of a makeover rather than entirely new content. 

Previous reports had said that the current season would be the last on the Verdansk map. The plan was always for the game to move into an 80s theme, which would put Warzone in line with Black Ops, rather than being more associated with Modern Warfare. Back in February the existing map was updated with things hinting at changes, including a zombie terminal in the missile silo and a shipwreck. 

The promotional trailer was originally posted to a Twitter account On Thin Ice. The account posted an apology today and removed the video after Activision started spurting out copyright takedowns over the unfinished footage. The video still seems to be live on Reddit’s Warzone sub. Another Twitter user shared a compilation of some of the key locations in the new Warzone map, which seem to have been left up.

However Activision’s haste seems to have confirmed this leak is real. Indeed VGC and its writer Andy Robinson both had their Twitter accounts locked after posting the about this leak. Robinson points out that Activision did the same thing last year for tweeting about upcoming updates that hadn't been officially announced. Activision is clearly happy to "Barbra Streisand" itself, internet parlance to mean that attempted online censorship only does more to broadcast a message, with these spurious DMCA takedowns against journalists reporting information. 

Activision's copyright shenanigans aside, some players have responded to the leak with incredulity, seemingly quite annoyed that the game isn’t getting an entirely new map for this season, which starts on April 22. 

The professional salt miners over at Reddit said “So not only are we not getting a second BR map, all we're getting is just Verdansk 2.0 with less stuff?” Part of this disappointment could have been related to earlier leaks suggesting that the updated arena would be a stitched-together combination of the Black Ops Cold War fireteam maps.

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