Fourth stimulus check? California is getting new $600 payment

California stimulus check: Here’s who is getting another $600 payment
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While a fourth stimulus check has yet to gain enough legislative momentum, many Californians could receive another relief payment from their state government soon.

California Governor Gavin Newsom announced new stimulus proposals for his state's residents on Monday. According to the Los Angeles Times, Newsom is looking to send payments to two-thirds of Californians, including low-earning individuals and middle-class families.

Individuals in California earning less than $75,000 would qualify for $600. This income threshold matches that used country-wide for all three federal stimulus checks passed during the pandemic.

The California governor also proposed that families with children should qualify for an additional $500. Immigrant families who don't have legal status would get $500, too.

California's Legislature still needs to vote on Governor Newsom's stimulus proposals during state budget negotiations. But, if passed, the plans would mark the largest state-specific tax rebate in history.

The latest California stimulus proposals are part of an existing program called Golden State Stimulus, which already sent one-time payments of either $600 to $1,200 to eligible residents. 

Only those who didn't receive that payment would qualify under the governor's new proposal. When the Golden State Stimulus program first launched, it had a $30,000 income cap. 

Now, if Governor Newsom's expansion is passed, more middle-class Californians could see more relief.

According to SFGate, more details about the governor's plans will roll out this week. Newsom reportedly has the support of California's Senate and Assembly budget committees, so state residents should feel optimistic about receiving more financial relief.

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