Apple Silicon MacBook event date just leaked — mark your calendars

Apple WWDC 2020
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The iPhone 12 event may still be fresh in our memories, but Apple isn’t done hosting product launches. It looks like another Apple event is on the horizon for November, and this time, instead of new smartwatches or phones, the focus looks to be on MacBooks powered by Apple-built chips.

According to leaker Jon Prosser, there's a special event scheduled for November, during which Apple will detail its upcoming Apple Silicon macs, known as "ARM Macs." Mark your calendars for Nov. 17, with Apple officially setting the date a week ahead of time.

"To confirm, there IS a November ARM Mac event," Prosser tweeted. "I'm hearing November 17th." A  subsequent tweet says the invitations will go out on Nov. 10.

Prosser didn't offer any additional specifics beyond the leak, nor posit what kind of Mac model would end up being first in line to get the Apple Silicon makeover. But all signs point to Apple laptops being the first to benefit from Apple’s chips.

Analyst Ming-Chi Kuo has predicted that thel 13.3-inch MacBook Pro and MacBook Air would debut with ARM chips during the fourth quarter of 2020. Rumors have also indicated in the past that the 12-inch MacBook could return, too.

Previously, Bloomberg reported that Apple planned to reveal its first Apple silicon Mac in addition to "other products" during a special November event. These likely refer to additional updates to Mac's products that continue to utilize Intel-based chips. Apple has indicated in the past that it will continue to utilize Intel processors in addition to ARM chips of its own making while it works to complete the transition to ARM.

Prosser doesn't have a flawless tack record in terms of leaks, but given that his claims do tend to line up with what other rumors have indicated in the past, it's at least believable that a potential event could be on track in November. And he correctly forecast that rumored products like Apple AirTags and AirPods Studio wouldn’t be part of this week’s iPhone 12 launch.

At that event, Apple showcased the all-new iPhone 12 line as well as the HomePod mini speaker. It makes sense that Apple would put off its additional products for a different presentation to keep the focus solely on phones in October and its computing solutions in November. At this point, we’re just waiting on the shoe to drop from Apple once and for all. 

Brittany Vincent

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  • giorgiog
    Can we stop calling these 'events' and just call them what they are: product launch commercials.
  • bdaniels579
    Will the new Apple Arm-based processor with Apple's own Silicon chips be able to run apps/software that run high on a computer/laptop (like for example all of Adobe CC apps/software, autocad, etc...) that also take a lot of storage up on the computer/laptop after people safe their files?
  • bdaniels579
    Giorgiog, Companies will not stop calling these 'events' and just call them just what they are: product launch commercials as long as we have these companies whom make millions and sometimes billions of dollars off of people doing these 'events'.
  • jack_straw
    giorgiog said:
    Can we stop calling these 'events' and just call them what they are: product launch commercials.

    You're invited to our hip "event"! Free air and places to walk will be provided, in characteristically generous Apple style!