Apple Music Sing adds karaoke features to your iPhone and iPad

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Apple Music subscriptions are about to get a built-in karaoke mode in the form of Apple Music Sing, slated to arrive "later this month." 

Editors' Note: iOS 16.2 is now live and Apple Music Sing is part of that software update.

Available to all Apple Music subscribers except those on the cheapest Apple Music Voice plan, and usable on all iPhones and iPads that have the app, plus the Apple TV 4K, Apple Music Sing promises to build on the lyrics feature already present in Apple Music to make it easier to sing along.

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First off, the app will add an independent volume control for the song's vocals, so you can sing by yourself (almost, there's no fully silent option) if you want, or with the original singer in the background at full or reduced volume as you like.

Also, some songs will offer the ability to split the words between multiple singers where needed. That should make performing duets or providing your friend with backing vocals much more straightforward, as should the touted real-time animated lyrics to help you keep in time with the song.

Apple Music Sing running on an Apple TV

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As you might reasonably expect, Apple's not promising these enhancements for every track in Apple Music's 100 million-strong library. However, what it is doing is conveniently arranging fully compatible songs into fifty-plus playlists, so you can easily find tracks that will work perfectly with the new feature. Sounds a lot like the big catalog of songs you'd get at a real karaoke bar, just in an Apple-ified form.

Apple Music isn't unique among music streaming services for offering a singalong mode. Spotify Karaoke offers a more competitive experience with its built-in scoring system, but it doesn't seem quite as robust as what Apple offers in terms of overall features. We'll be sure to give Apple Music Sing a try once it becomes available on our Apple devices, and show you not only how it works, but if it's any good.

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