Apple iPad 2022 — analyst just tipped a big redesign for this year

The standard iPad 2022 could look a lot like the iPad Air 5
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Update (June 15): The base iPad could also be moving to USB-C and getting a new chipset according to fresh rumors

The standard iPad could finally be due a redesign this year, according to screen specialists and regular tech tipsters Display Supply Chain Consultants (DSCC).

In DSCC’s latest report and in a tweet from CEO Ross Young, new display sizes for the standard iPad are expected, alongside a rumored display upgrade for the MacBook Air 2022

Young also told us in a Twitter direct message that: "We show 2023 entry level iPad at 10.5 inches and new 2022 13-inch MacBook Air at 13.6 inches with 2023 15-inch MacBook Air at 15.2 inches." 

Young also added that "none of them will have MiniLEDs" for the display, which isn't a big surprise at the price range the standard iPad and MacBook Air tend to target. 

A new display size would require a new design for the standard iPad, which hasn't see much of a design change since its original launch in 2011. Something akin to the iPad Air 2022 or iPad mini 6 design would seem most likely. 

A new 2022 iPad could drop the Touch ID home button, likely in favor of Touch ID integrated into the power button like that of the iPad Air. And that would mean Apple could trim down the bezels of the iPad fitting in a larger display yet keeping the overall footprint of the tablet the same as the current model.

If Apple does this, it would mean the standard iPad would be rather similar to the iPad Air in terms of looks. But we’d not expect it to use the Apple M1 chip. More likely we would see the A15 Bionic or perhaps the rumored A16 Bionic chip expected in the iPhone 14 Pro.

Currently, the standard iPad is the cheapest way to get into iPadOS, with a starting price of $329; the new iPad Air starts at $599 and the iPad mini 6 $499.  While the iPad’s design might be long in the tooth, it’s still a capable tablet with support for a huge swath of curated apps, Apple Pencil compatibility and the ability to work with a folio-style keyboard. As an entry-level tablet, it's very well-equipped.

So a refined design and a specs boost would be much appreciated, if Apple can keep the starting price competitive. We’d also like to see the Lightning port killed in favour of USB-C connectivity, as is now the case with all other iPads.

There's no clear indication of a release date, but we’d not be surprised to see a new standard iPad get revealed and released in the fall, potentially alongside the launch of the iPhone 14.

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