Apex Legends team comps: How to build the best squad

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A year into its unexpected debut, Apex Legends has done wonders for the battle royale genre, changing the game up and supporting it for months with new characters, collectibles, events, and a new map. As the main game is based around 20 three-man squads, character selection can be troublesome, if not overwhelming. That choice is pivotal to setting up your team for the best chance of success against the 57 rivals scattered around the map. 

That’s why we’ve put together a guide on building the best Apex Legends team comps before dropping head first onto the map, so instead of being decimated within minutes of entry, you can walk away victorious as champion of the arena. 

Study each Legend 

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Respawn really outdid themselves by creating such a diverse line up of characters, each with their own personality and fascinating backstory.. But more importantly, with 12 Legends currently available - and one introduced each season - it’s vital to get acquainted with each. 

Take the time outside of ranked mode to get familiar, see how they play and how their dissimilar abilities provide different strategies for all situations. Training Mode is there for a reason after all. 

Combine abilities

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With every Legend packing three unique abilities (Tactical, Passive and Ultimate), it’s important to understand the effects of them all, as well as how they synergise with one another. 

Take Wraith’s ‘Dimensional Rift’ portal manoeuvre, for instance. You can merge the move with Pathfinder’s ‘Insider Knowledge’ to slyly access the Ring’s next location, or even position the warp hole next to the robot’s zipline for a quick exit. Another strong pairing would be Lifeline and Caustic due to their recovery advantages. The possibilities are endless. 

Be flexible  

Depending on when you are given choice selection, there’s always the chance that your top two picks will be taken by teammates. In this case, be prepared to choose a Legend that not only plays to your strengths but one of the squads. 

Furthermore, if given priority, take a quick glance at what character your fellow player is hovering over. If new to the game, let them take their preference to keep not only the user happy but helping the team overall. However, if you feel confident of your abilities with that particular character, then absolutely go for it.  

Know your classes

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Each legend is assigned to one of four classes: Offensive, Recon, Defensive or Support. Making use of these widely different types can be the key to winning. Ideally you want to have every player taking a separate class with one being Offensive and the other two picks designed to complement the attacker. 

Possessing different Legend types gives users the best chance to adapt to the environment and rival squads. See below for how each Legend is categorized: 

Offensive Legends: Bangalore, Mirage, Octane, Wraith and Revenant

Recon Legends: Bloodhound and Crypto

Defensive Legends: Caustic, Gibraltar and Wattson

Support Legends: Lifeline and Pathfinder 

Map positioning 

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When headed into the map, it’s smart to have a general idea of where you want to land. From this, you can determine which individual Legend is most equipped for this environment. If you’re thinking Capital City (within World’s Edge) is the place to be, possibly lead with Wattson or Caustic who can set up traps, while Crypto or Bloodhound scans the area. Alternatively, starting off somewhere with long plains plays in favour of those with better traversal like Octane and Pathfinder. 

Apex Legends tier lists

Any popular game, whether that be shooter, battle royale or fighting, will have a devoted fanbase that analyses every minuscule patch note implemented. Apex Legends is no different. Since opening season, communities have been banding together to rank all protagonists offering some insight onto which characters actually stack up best. 

Poster-girl Wraith has been topping the list since day one with the smallest hitbox and most resourceful abilities. On the other end of the spectrum, Caustic can commonly be found in last place due to his sluggishness and struggles in open areas. These tier rankings are always worth a look if you are serious about competing. BoostingFactory specifically, has a tier list created from professionals.  

Best Apex Legends team comps

Apex Legends

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There are obviously dozens of team combinations that can be arranged but the following warrant the best chance of success, combining abilities, tier ranking and general play.  Note: All teams are in no particular order. 

  •  High tier and health - Wraith, Pathfinder and Lifeline  
  •  Traps galore - Bangalore, Caustic and Wattson 
  •  Speed demons - Octane, Pathfinder, and Wraith/Bangalore  
  •  Deceptive and strategic – Bloodhound, Mirage and Crypto
  •  Synergy squad - Lifeline, Wraith and Banglore/Bloodhound   

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