Orbea Diem E-bike review: A robust urban e-bike packed with useful features

The Diem e-bike is powered by a smart design and robust features

a photo of the Orbea Diem 30 in Düsseldorf, Germany
(Image: © Future/Jessica Downey)

Tom's Guide Verdict

The Orbea Diem excels as a versatile urban e-bike with powerful Shimano motor options and integrated features like built-in lights and a phone mount with USB-C charging. Its low-maintenance design includes belt drives and internal hub gears, ideal for hassle-free commuting, but the handlebars are pretty wide for busy city roads.


  • +

    Powerful Shimano motor

  • +

    Dropper seatpost

  • +

    Sleek design


  • -

    Heavy, challenging to carry up apartment stairs

  • -

    Wide handlebars

  • -


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Orbea Diem E-bike: Specs

Weight: 50.7lb/23kg
Motor: Shimano EP8
Battery: 540Wh
Drivetrain: Shimano CUES U4000 9-Speed
Max advertised range: 70 miles
Assist levels: Three

Orbea, renowned for its high-performance road and mountain bikes, has now entered the city e-bike market. The Orbea Diem made its debut in March 2024, specifically tailored for urban commuters, and has since picked up awards at the iF Design and Red Dot festivals in the "Product Design" category, as well as being named "Product of the Year" at Cyclingworld Europe.

The Diem is available in three models—the 10, 20, and 30—with each tailored to different preferences and requirements. I had the opportunity to test the Diem 30, featuring a belt drive and internal hub gears, along with wide puncture-resistant tyres and integrated lights. 

After riding the Orbea Diem in Düsseldorf earlier this year, I've spent some time with it in London to further get to know the e-bike's capabilities and performance in a totally different urban environment.

To find out more about the Diem's design, smart features and performance, and how it compares to the best electric bikes, stick with us.

Orbea Diem E-bike review: Price and availability

The Orbea Diem is available for purchase through the Orbea website and select retailers. Prices start at $3,799 for the Diem 30, $4,599 for the Diem 20, and $5,599 for the top-tier Diem 10. 

a photo of the Orbea Diem e-bike

(Image credit: Orbea)

All models are powered by Shimano’s EP motor platform, with the Diem 30 and 20 using the EP600 motor, while the top-spec Diem 10 boasts Shimano’s flagship EP8 motor, delivering up to 85Nm of torque for effortless acceleration on steep inclines, even with a fully loaded bike. The Diem 20 and 10 come with a 630Wh battery, and the Diem 30 with a 540Wh battery, with an additional 252Wh range extender available for all models, fitting neatly into the bike’s bottle cage.

All models are available in three colors (green, white, or gray), and come in four sizes (small, medium, large, and extra large) to accommodate riders from 5' 2" up to 6'9".

Orbea Diem E-bike review: Design

The Orbea Diem boasts a sleek, modern design with a focus on practicality. Its integrated internal battery maintains a clean look, while the low-slung frame design allows for easy mounting and dismounting. The bike features Orbea’s patented 'diamond glide' construction, which makes for a comfortable ride by allowing the frame to flex vertically to absorb road shocks.

The Diem's handlebar and seat post are adjustable which accommodates a wide range of rider heights. It features a Spinblock system, which prevents the handlebars from turning too far, increases stability on the bike and makes it easier to handle the front rack if you choose to attach one.

This e-bike has built-in front and rear lights, helping to increase visibility and safety during both day and night rides. Whether I was cycling home after sunset or riding through a dark tunnel, I felt visible to other vehicles while testing the Diem. These lights are integrated into the bike’s frame, contributing to the Diem's overall sleek appearance and ruling out the need for investing in additional lighting accessories.

a photo of writer Jessica riding through a dark tunnel on the Orbea Diem 30 with the front lights on show

(Image credit: Orbea)

One of the most convenient features is the phone mount located on the handlebars, which allows you to use a smartphone for navigation without compromising safety. I found this placed my phone pretty low on the handlebars and I didn't have the best angle for viewing maps but I appreciated having the convenience of using a magnetized phone mount.

Additionally, a USB-C charging port is integrated into the bike, enabling you to charge your phone directly from the bike’s battery. This is particularly useful for longer commutes where you may be dependent on maps and when your phone battery life is crucial.

The Diem 30 includes a rear rack capable of carrying up to 44 pounds (20 kgs), making it perfect for transporting groceries, work supplies, or even a child seat. For those needing additional carrying capacity, the bike offers an optional front rack and trailer adapter, increasing its versatility for whatever your cargo needs may be.

Orbea Diem E-bike review: Performance

There was little assembling of the bike required when the Diem arrived at my apartment in London. I borrowed a wrench from my neighbor and recruited my roommate to help attach smaller parts of the bike like the pedals and parts of the phone mount so the Diem was all ready to ride. The hardest part was getting it up the narrow and steep stairs to my front door.

This is because the Orbea Diem 30 is slightly heavy (50.7lb/23kg), which is expected given its robust build. However, the bike’s weight isn't an issue once you are on the roads and eating up the miles with the Shimano motor assistance. Plus, the bike felt highly maneuverable and I felt very stable and secure while riding it. 

However, I did have to get used to the sheer width of the handlebars. I spend more time on a road bike than I do e-bikes so I had to exercise extra caution riding the Diem in London where the roads and fellow drivers aren't as cycle-friendly as they are in Dusseldorf. 

Jessica riding the Orbea Diem e-bike in Düsseldorf

(Image credit: Orbea)

With three assist levels on the bike, you can easily tailor the level of assistance to your needs. During my test rides, I found the lower assist levels sufficiently powerful enough for most situations. The bike accelerates quickly and maintains a good speed without needing to rely heavily on the highest assist level.

The Orbea Diem 30 promises a maximum range of up to 80 kilometers (approximately 50 miles) on a single charge. In my experience, the range estimate felt achievable under my typical urban commuting conditions and distances. However, actual range will depend on various factors, including rider weight, terrain, and the chosen assist level.

Orbea Diem E-bike review: Battery Life

During my testing, I found the battery life to be very reliable. My commute to work is seven miles there and seven miles back, and the Diem 30’s 540Wh battery handled this 14-mile round trip with ease. On average, the battery only depleted by about 25%, meaning I could comfortably handle multiple commutes or longer rides without the need for frequent recharging.

Orbea Diem E-bike review: Accessories

plugging a phone into the Orbea Diem e-bike

(Image credit: Orbea)

Orbea offers a range of accessories for the Diem, including additional batteries, chargers, and various racks. The bike comes with integrated lights, front and rear fenders, and a rear rack as standard. The front rack, which can carry up to 10 kg, is standard on the Diem 10 and optional on the other models. The rear rack can carry up to 20 kg, with a larger version available for up to 30 kg.

Orbea Diem E-bike review: The Competition

If you are looking to spend less on an e-bike then you might opt for a model from our guide to the best budget electric bikes like the Ride1Up Turris for its sleek design resembling higher-end models, equipped with a Shimano gearing system, and offers a more budget-friendly price point starting at $1,295.

Alternatively, the Charge Bikes City, while less elegant than the Diem, is more apartment-friendly, with handlebars and pedals that fold flat, so you can store it in tighter spaces. At $1,799, it's also easier on your wallet, too.

Or for a more lightweight and space efficient option, we suggest you check out the Gocycle G4i+ e-bike. It's in the same price range as the Orbea Diem, but weighs just 36.2 pounds, and can fold up on itself.

Orbea Diem E-bike review: verdict

The Orbea Diem e-bike is a top quality urban commuter, offering a blend of style, power, and practicality. Its many helpful integrated features and robust performance make it ideal for city riding. While its weight and price might be a drawback for some, the Diem's overall package makes it a worthy investment for those seeking a high-quality, reliable e-bike for urban commuting.

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