Windows 11 'Moment 5' update is live — here’s the biggest upgrades

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Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 update that introduces a slew of features and fixes. Those enrolled in the Windows Insider program have had access to these features since late February 2024 but this update now brings them to all Windows 11 users. This is a mandatory update since it’s part of the cumulative update for April.

Along with a ton of security fixes and updates, several key features have received updates. Here's everything that's new with the Windows 11 'Moment 5' update. 

Voice access 

You’re now able to use voice access features across multiple displays in Windows 11 — including number and grid overlays. If you’re using the grid overlay on a screen, you can now quickly switch to another display. In the past, you were only able to do this on the primary display. In addition, you can also use the “mouse grid” command to quickly move your mouse to a specific point on a display. Lastly, you can now use the drag-and-drop feature to move files, apps and documents from one display to another.

This update also introduces voice shortcuts or custom commands. With these, you’re able to create your own commands in the supported English dialects. The command “show voice shortcuts” opens the Voice shortcuts page where you can create new shortcuts. You can view all the voice shortcuts you’ve created by going to the command help page or using the voice command “show voice shortcuts.”


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Narrator now has ten natural voices, which you can preview before you download. The voices use on-device text-to-speech, and once you’ve downloaded them, they’ll work without an internet connection. You’ll still need an internet connection to preview the voices, however.

The Narrator update improves its detection of text in images (including handwriting) and improves the description of images. Narrator will now announce bookmarks and drafts in Microsoft Word if it detects them. You’re also now able to use voice access to open apps, dictate text and interact with elements on the screen. And if you want, you can use your voice to command Narrator if, for example, you want it to speak faster or read the next line.

Windows share 

The way apps appear in the Windows share window has changed due to this update. Depending on which account you’re signed into, you’ll see different apps in the “Share using” section. This could be useful if, for example, you’re switching between your work’s Microsoft account and your personal account.

Another cool feature is that you can now share to WhatsApp in the “Share using” section. If you use WhatsApp, this could be very useful.

Nearby Share 

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Nearby share lets you wirelessly share files with other devices. Microsoft has improved the feature’s transfer speed for faster file transfer. This feature now works on public or private networks, whereas it only worked on private networks in the past.

Now, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth are automatically turned on if you enable Nearby Share in Settings — even if you have them turned off. Also, you can give your device a different name to identify it when sharing.


Casting allows you to wirelessly send content on your device’s screen to a nearby PC, TV or other external display. This feature has been updated so that your device is more discoverable. The Cast flyout menu in quick settings also helps you find more nearby devices to cast to, fix connections and more. 

Snap layouts 

Snap layouts is a handy feature that lets you quickly snap apps and windows on your desktop in an arrangement of your choice. This latest Windows update adds new suggested layouts, which could be useful if you felt limited by the selections previously available.

Windows 11 'Moment 5' Update: Outlook

There are several smaller updates now available, so be sure to check out the Microsoft Support page for more info. Windows update KB5036893 is available now for all Windows users. To install it, search for “Windows Update” on your desktop’s search bar and install the update.

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