The Apple iPod For Windows Begins A New Legacy

iPod From The Outside

When looking at the outside of the iPod, perhaps the first thing that you notice is its compact size. With a size of 4.0" high by 2.4" wide by .78" deep, it is not much bigger than a bar of soap. The iPod is housed in a polished metal back with a see-through plastic top that is designed both for looks and to offer a level of protection for the display.

Below the display is the scroll (navigation) wheel, which allows you to scroll between selections on the display. To select an item, you click the button located in the center. Around the navigation wheel that is located in the center, you have four other buttons: Menu; Skip Forward; Skip Backward; and Play/ Pause. We found the action of the scroll wheel to be good, but we have seen several reports on the Web that some users have experienced problems with the scroll wheel, which led Apple to revise the design to a touch sensitive wheel that is non-moving. We found the button action to be good, not mushy like those of many other devices in the same product class.

A look at the top of the Apple iPod.

The display on the iPod offers back-lit, 160-by-128-pixel resolution with a 0.24 mm dot pitch. This gives the iPod seven lines of text with twenty-two characters across. One of these lines of text is sacrificed for its use as the status bar located at the top of the screen, which tells the user which mode the iPod is in, which menu the user is looking at, and how much battery life is left, in graph form. The display on the iPod is brilliant, clear, and easy to read. The iPod offers the ability to adjust both the contrast and the length of time the back light stays on. We found the two inch diagonal liquid crystal display to be far ahead of many of the displays on similar models, and we really did like the choice of white LED backlighting, which makes the iPod easy to read in low-light situations.

Perhaps one of the best features of the iPod that is often overlooked in many reviews is the brilliant two inch diagonal liquid crystal display with white LED backlighting, which makes the iPod easy to read in low-light situations.
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