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Up Close and Personal with Apple's Macbooks

Up Close and Personal with Apple's Macbooks

A new generation of Apple computers always causes a lot of ink to be spilled. It happened again when the new MacBook and MacBook Pros in aluminum launched October 14. These new computers aroused just as much admiration as frustration among fans of the Apple brand.

With their obligatory glossy screen, the disappearance of the FireWire ports and weaker battery power, the new MacBooks have some marks against their name right off the bat – despite the laptops’ superb, stylish design with a focus on quality assembly and exterior finish.

To be fair, a good portion of the critics who made calls like this did so before they even had the new laptops in hand. After a week of use, Tom’s Guide offers you our version of the facts, in order to shed some light on those nasty expectations that surrounded the MacBook.

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