Microsoft Promises Windows RT Update Bug Fix in February

Responding to recent bug reports pertaining to Windows RT devices, Microsoft has said it'll deliver a bug fix update for the Windows 8-based platform next month.

Windows RT users reported a bug when trying to apply the update which was introduced as part of Microsoft's Patch Tuesday. The error is said to have disabled access to the Windows Store or Windows Update sporadically.

"Some Windows RT customers who attempted to apply January’s bulletins had issues installing updates," Microsoft said. "Specifically, impacted Windows RT devices went into connected standby mode during the download of updates from Windows Update, causing the connection to be disrupted.

"We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused and are working to correct the issue; we expect to have a fix in place in the first week of February."

The exact cause of the issue has yet to be established, with Microsoft failing to detail the scope of how many Windows RT users have been impacted.


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  • A Bad Day
    Mistakes are always made...

    But when your product is not the most popular, and it's a somewhat major bug. Um...
  • joytech22
    I can't even install apps anymore. Windows Update doesn't work at all.
    Hello Factory Reset. -.- Stupid Surface.

    I couldn't even find a program that would record from a microphone. SERIOUSLY?
  • kpfogey

    did you even try?