HTC Not Moving Away From Android

Following the patent deal with Apple, HTC has assured that its focus on Google's Android platform won't deteriorate.

The two technology firms recently signed a 10-year licensing deal that covers all current and future patents. Wall Street analyst Shaw Wu said the deal may result in Apple netting $280 million a year by pocketing $6-8 per HTC handset shipped. Some speculated that due to this, HTC may shift its focus from Android to Microsoft's Windows Phone operating system.

"It's clearly a positive event," Woodward said when discussing the Apple deal. "Anything that eliminates distractions would be positive ... but our strategy is to lead in Android [and] to lead in Windows Phone."

At least for now, Android allows HTC to deliver its own services on smartphones more effectively than Windows Phone. HTC's "Image Sense" camera features such as continuous shooting are only available on Android devices and not through the Windows Phone-based HTC 8X.

However, Woodward said HTC is working on bringing the feature and others to Windows Phone devices in the future. "I think you're seeing a manifestation of that strategy happening right now. There are really two big series of launches going on at the moment. One is Windows Phone 8, and Windows 8 in general. We think we have the leading Windows Phone 8 device ... and in the Android market, between the Droid DNA and the One X+, we think we have the leading edge there as well."


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  • marcolorenzo
    Who the hell is Woodward? You only mentioned a Wall Street analyst called Shaw Wu but you just threw the name Woodward out of nowhere. A good article always gives a small introduction to any new names mentioned. Seriously Zak, who did you blow to get this job?
  • darkavenger123
    Why bother with continuos shooting if all the images sucks....they should focus on making a better camera which can match say 90% of the Lumia 920....then they can tout to have the best camera on Android platform. HTC don't have much selling points on Android nowadays and simply can't hope to catch up with Samsung if they don't have some concerete selling points.

    I doubt they can do better with Windows Phone with Nokia around....seriously, if i buy a Windows Phone, Nokia is the only choice...since it's all the same in terms of UI and most specs except the camera!
  • TunaSoda
    Who cares, GO SAMSUNG! ;)