Googler Creates the KegDroid, An Android Beer Serving Keg

Google's got its hand in a lot of different markets but we never thought beer kegs was one of them. However, one creative Googler has made headlines for his very interesting creation: The KegDroid.

Named Betsy, Mashable reports that this KegDroid is the baby of Google employee Paul Carff, who has been brewing his own beer since 1991. Dubbed Betsy, the keg is controlled via an integrated Motorola Xoom running Ice Cream Sandwich. An app on the tablet authenticates the user via an NFC badge and allows you to select your choice of beer. It will also tell you how old the keg is and how cold the beer is. Now all it needs to do is tell us how we can get a Betsy of our own.

Check out the KegDroid for yourself in the video below:

Google KegDroid

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