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Nintendo Wii Wins Amazon Holiday Sales Fight

The Kindle and iPod touch apparently dominated gadget sales - but what about game consoles? They were not mentioned at all, but the bestselling product ranks give a first idea who won the season.

The best selling video game hardware was the PS3 Blu-ray remote at #2, followed by the NIntendo controller bundle at #8 and the Kinect sensor at #10. If we follow the line, then we find the Wii Fit bundle at #12, the Xbox 360 wireless controller at #15, the Wii wheel bundle at #16, the black Wii remote Plus at #20, the black Wii Nunchuk controller at #22 and the PS3 wireless controller at #24.

The first actual game console is listed at #30 - the black Wii bundle. Nintendo came in ahead of the Xbox 360 250 GB Kinect bundle at #34, the 250 GB Xbox 360, the 160 GB PS3 at #49, the red Wii at #57, the white Wii at #73, the 320 GB PS3 Move bundle at #152 and the least popular game console - the 320 GB PS3 at #435.

If we were to interpret these results, which should be taken with a grain of salt as they do not represent the entire holiday season, then we would tempted to say that video game sales were all about accessories and controllers this season. The Wii may have been the best selling game console once again, despite the refreshed appeal of the PS3 and the Xbox 360. The PS3 Move starter bundle is listed at #44 by Amazon, well ahead of the regular PS3 as well as the PS3 bundle.

The best selling video games seems to have been Call of Duty: Black Ops for the Xbox 360 (#1), followed by the PS3 version (#3) and Just Dance for the Wii (#4). Sony's Gran Turismo 5 came in at #23. Dance central was the most popular game for Kinect (#5). The most popular PS3 Move game (other than the bundled sports game Sports Champions) was NBA 2K11 at #64.