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Xbox 360 Motion Sensing Tech Just Cameras?

Last week Engadget received a tip (no idea how reliable) saying that Microsoft is “building a ‘sensor bar’ of sorts, but instead of detecting the waggles of Wiimote-like controllers, it detects full body movement and sound, sans controllers.”

According to the tip, the sensor includes a camera in it, capable of video conferencing (perhaps replacing the Xbox Live Vision camera?). The sensor is supposedly able to read full body and hand gestures, allowing the player to perform gestures such as punching, kicking. It’ll also be able to pick up small hand gestures for grabbing or scrolling.

If such motion sensing device for the Xbox 360 were in the works, it could just be the product of involvement between Microsoft and 3DV Systems. Reports from February put 3DV in Microsoft’s acquisition territory.

3DV’s product is a camera called the ZCam, which is able to measure depth in captured subjects. The sensed movements captured by the camera are then translated into input information, which could be applied directly into games.

Those who had tried the ZCam said that it was far more accurate at sensing motion than what the Nintendo Wii is capable of. Click here for that original story.

Hopefully we’ll hear about this product officially next month at E3.