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The Xbox Remote that Controlls 1000 Devices

Enter the X-Link remote, which boasts dedicated Xbox 360 buttons but doubles as a very universal remote. With support for more than 1,000 different devices including TVs, settop boxes, home theater systems and digital video recorders, the X-Link (manufactured by Interlink Electronics) is compatible with a lot more than the original Xbox 360 remote. Crave reports that it's also got a 'learning capability,' which covers devices not listed in its pre-programmed codes.

Unfortunately, though it's more useful, it's also a little bit more expensive. At $29.99 (compared to the $19.99 Microsoft charges for the official version), the X-Link is almost too expensive. Especially when you consider the reason a lot of people buy universal remotes is because they lose the remote that came with their TV.

Do you ever buy universal remotes? Would you be willing to spend $30 on one? Let us know in the comments below!