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Vivo's Next Phone Will Be Like Nothing We've Ever Seen

There aren't any details about the next Vivo phone, possibly codenamed "The Waterdrop" — only two images posted on Twitter by reliable industry leaker Ice Universe that show bits of something that looks rather gorgeous.

Credit: Ice Universe/Twitter

(Image credit: Ice Universe/Twitter)

Ice Universe claims he "can guarantee that you have never seen a similar phone design, this is the first time in the history of mobile phones." It's a pretty tall order.

"Crazy phone have begun to leak," Ice Universe says on a tweeted photo. "It is said that this is Vivo['s] mysterious smartphone code-named 'The Waterdrop.' This phone will subvert people's past perception of smartphones."

The image shows the back corner of the device, devoid of any seams or interruptions on its completely clean metal surface. It looks like it's made of mercury.

Credit: Ice Universe/Twitter

(Image credit: Ice Universe/Twitter)

In another tweet, Ice Universe says the device is inspired by an alien cosmic probe in the Hugo Award-winning Three-Body Problem science-fiction trilogy by Chinese author Liu Cixin. The trilogy is regarded as one of the reasons why China built its Arecibo-like SETI radio dish.

For now, the next Vivo phone is sci-fi too, nothing but a really cool-looking tease. "Coming soon!" Ice Universe says. Knowing Vivo's drive to create unique phones and experiment — you just have to look at the Vivo Nex S and the two-screen Vivo Nex 2 — I'm certainly excited.

Jesus Diaz

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