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Virgin Media's New 'Intelligent Wi-Fi' Boosts Your Broadband For Free

Virgin Media’s broadband arm in the U.K. has announced a set of updates and upgrades for its customers which it claims will make its Wi-Fi more reliable and up to three times faster.

Credit: Virgin Media

(Image credit: Virgin Media)

Called Intelligent Wi-Fi, the system is controlled with the iOS or Android ‘Connect’ app. This app allows management of connected devices, access to customer support, and the ability to check Wi-Fi signal strength in a room, helping you find any blackspots. You can also use it to share your password with guests via QR code, or connect to Virgin Media hotspots around the country while outside your home.

If you are in need of a boosters to get every corner of your home up to speed, you can order them from the app. This costs an extra £3 a month normally, but customers on Full House or VIP tariffs can get one of them for no extra cost.

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The intelligent part of Intelligent WiFi continually monitors the devices using the connection, and makes alterations accordingly, preventing the need for WiFi boosters. For example, it can switch devices between channels and bands to prevent crowding, and prevent older machines from slowing down the whole network through a ‘airtime fairness’ system.

BT has a similar product in the form of Complete Wi-Fi, which is also focussed heavily on removing Wi-Fi blackspots in the user’s home, or else you are able to cancel the contract with no penalty. Like Intelligent Wi-Fi, this requires a fibre connected cabinet in your area in order to be eligible for the package, but BT’s option is more reliant on boosters, offering users up to three extension discs as required to give a house adequate coverage.

Providing you have a Virgin Media Hub 3, Intelligent Wi-Fi is a standard feature for all customers, with those on higher-tier packages getting a free Wi-Fi booster if required.