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Twitter Streaming App Lands in Time for NFL Season

It’s no secret that Twitter has been leaning hard into its livestreaming capabilities. The social network wants to be your go-to hub for major sporting events, presidential campaigns and leading news networks, which isn't easy when your app is available only on computers and mobile devices. As of today, Twitter is finally coming to your TV with apps for Apple TV, Amazon Fire TV and Xbox One to make watching its live video streams as easy as possible.

Photo: Twitter

Photo: Twitter

The information comes directly from Twitter, which detailed its bigger-screen plans in a brief announcement. Apps for the streaming players and game console will launch in some regions today in their official stores, and across Australia, Brazil, Canada, Mexico, the UK and the U.S. very shortly. The Twitter app itself will be free, and so far, all of the company’s livestreams have been free as well.

The app's timing seems very intentional, as Twitter will air its first NFL game tomorrow (Sept. 15), as part of a deal that will allow the social network to broadcast every Thursday Night Football game.

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The company also has contracts with the MLB, the NBA, the Pac 12 college sports networks and Bloomberg News to host their content. Football and baseball fans in particular can benefit from free games livestreamed in their entirety. Earlier this year, the platform also played host to content from the Democratic and Republican National Conventions. You'll also be able to use the TV app to watch your favorite celebrities' Vine videos and Periscope streams.

Alert fans may remember that this is not the first time Twitter has toyed with a presence on the Xbox platform. There used to be a Twitter app for the Xbox 360, but the company “retired” it after either Microsoft or Twitter decided that the social media platform wasn’t a good fit for the game console. On the other hand, Twitter also wasn’t a video platform back when that happened.

Beyond that, the app doesn’t require a Twitter account, so if there’s any content you want to livestream, you may as well download it. You can also use it to access your regular Twitter feed, although why you’d want to do that from a TV rather than from a device with a full-fledged keyboard is anyone’s guess.