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T-Mobile Locks in Prices for iPhone 6 Upgraders

It's still unclear exactly what Apple has in store for its next iPhone. But T-Mobile customers on the carrier's Jump OnDemand leasing program at least know exactly what they'll pay for the next iPhone: exactly what they're paying right now for an iPhone 6.

In the final installment of its summer-long series of promotions, T-Mobile tweaked the Jump OnDemand program it announced last month to lock-in the monthly leasing price for iPhone upgrades. As part of Jump OnDemand, T-Mobile introduced a $15-a-month price for the iPhone 6 with the ability to upgrade to a new phone up to three times a year.

In an occasionally profane video announcement today (July 28), T-Mobile CEO John Legere said that any Jump OnDemand iPhone subscribers would be able to trade-in their iPhone 6 for the next iPhone by the end of the year and keep that same $15 monthly payment on their device.

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The timing of T-Mobile's announcement certainly makes sense. Apple traditionally unveils its next round of iPhones at a press event in September. As a result, many iPhone customers hold off on upgrading during the summer so they can see what features are added to the next version of Apple's smartphone. By locking in a $15 monthly price -- and giving subscribers priority when it's time to upgrade -- T-Mobile is hoping to encourage iPhone users to grab a new phone now.

The $15 monthly pricing for the next iPhone applies to customers who already signed up with Jump OnDemand as well as new subscribers, Legere said. The promotion runs through Labor Day, Sept. 7.

T-Mobile had another Apple-related announcement up its sleeve today: It's adding Apple Music to its Music Freedom program, in which T-Mobile subscribers can stream music from select services without it counting against their monthly data allotment. Apple Music, which launched last month, had been the single most requested addition to Music Freedom, Legere said.

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Apple Music joins 32 other streaming music services supported by T-Mobile's Music Freedom program. You can see the complete list at T-Mobile's website. Legere says Music Freedom covers 95 percent of the music streamed in the U.S.

Launched in June 2014, Music Freedom has grown rapidly in the past year, more than quadrupling from the seven services T-Mobile initially supported. Apple Music "isn't the first update we've made to Music Freedom, and it sure won't be the last," Legere said.

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