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Stereo PC Speakers, Compared

Logitech Z-5

Omnidirectional Stereo Acoustics

Standard desktop stereo speakers focus sound in one direction, creating a single spot for optimal listening. Here however, sound is transmitted evenly in all directions.

How does it work ? The Z-5 has a speaker at the very bottom that transmits vertically, unlike a traditional speaker. A cone, directed towards the speaker, is placed at the top. As a result the speaker sends sounds towards the cone, which sends them away in all directions.

Logitech’s Z-5 will surprise many. These lightweight speakers are omnidirectional, providing sound throughout the room.

Handling and design

Logitech is big on design and this shows once again with the Z-5. These two small speakers are almost entirely covered with black cloth. The design is very minimalist and none of the buttons are directly on the speakers. A white diode turns on when they are used. Since the Z-5 has USB connectivity, you can control the speakers via your computer or the supplied remote control. The latter is conveniently sized, and unlike others, does not look shoddy at all.
Thanks to the USB connection, there is only one cable to worry about so these are a good choice for a laptop.

Audio quality

Omnidirectional acoustic technology has been around for some time, but--correct me if I am wrong--this seems to be the first time it comes in a multimedia solution.
Forget about powerful bass, you can't expect it considering the size of the speakers and the absence of subwoofer. It would be difficult to compete with any 2.1 solution, but then again these are easy to carry around and use everywhere.

The Z-5are not the best speakers available but the 360° acoustic technology works very well and transmits sound evenly in all directions. They will be useful when holding an office multimedia presentation or when you need to fill a small room with sound.

The Z-5 may seem an unnecessary buy to most. However, those who are looking for compact easy-to-transport speakers to fill their (smallish) room with sound all throughout will be thrilled.

Logitech Z-5
  • omnidirectional sound
  • powered by USB
  • sleek remote control
  • lack of bass
  • lack of precision
  • The Z-5 are an excellent choice in their category and are perfect for smallish spaces.