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Stereo PC Speakers, Compared

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II

Do the T40s offer only a change in design - like the T20 Series II- or is there major audio improvement?

Handling and design

No surprise here, the design is that of the T20 Series: black plastic cabinets with a glossy finish. However they are much bigger (about twice the height of the T20s; they are heavier too) as they have two midrange drivers instead of one. Even the power supply adapter is bulkier, which is not great news considering that it is already quite big on the T20s. 

When you remove the grilles you can see the pair of woofer drivers with the two woven glass-fibre cones and the tweeter in the middle.

Audio experience

Sadly the sound is disappointing. The bass isn't powerful, the highs aren’t, and the mid-tones are way too dominant. If you have seen our T20 test, this will read like déjà-vu. What’s more, rather than correcting the flaws, the T40’s only make them bigger.

Sound is inconsistent as the lack of high sounds puts a significant emphasis of middle tones. After tweaking the equalizer, one has to admit these speakers have great potential, but unfortunately it is poorly put to use. Do not pump up the volume either, the speakers will struggle and distort the music.

The T40s are T20s with all their flaws. The speakers are bigger, and their flaws sound bigger too.

Creative GigaWorks T40 Series II
  • great look
  • well-built
  • intrusive mid-tones
  • lack of highs
  • T40 are bigger T20, with unimproved acoustic performance.