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Squeezebox For In Home Music Distribution

Finishing The Install

The installation placed an icon on my desktop and one in my taskbar tray and offers to open a "Getting Started" document. The document contains a mishmash of information that will most likely confuse a newbie. Clicking either of the icons starts the SlimServer and brings up the interface to the Squeezebox.

Plugging in the Squeezebox brings up the cool blue lettering on well Squeezebox's (320x32 pixel) screen. To get things moving along, I decided to start with hooking the Squeezebox up to the network. Using the remote's arrow keys to navigate I selected wired from the setup option of wireless or wired setup.

I plugged the Squeezebox into a nearby Ethernet jack and told the Squeezebox to attempt to get a DHCP assigned address, which would automatically assign an Ethernet address to the appliance. This would be the simplest method, which would allow the Squeezebox, after receiving an address, to directly communicate with the SlimServer.

However, since, I didn't have DHCP turned on at my router, I used the arrow keys and the keypad on the remote to manually assign an Ethernet address to the Squeezebox.

As soon as I had keyed in the IP address using the remote control's keypad, the Squeezebox immediately found the SlimServer, which was installed on a Windows XP box called "WestNewbury," making contact on the first try.