Speed-Link Triton Headset Does Double Duty

Sound Quality

Sound quality is obviously of critical importance to any headphone ("Really?" says the audience...) For gaming, the headset provides excellent positional audio, and the powerful headset picks up on subtle noises such as footsteps as well as providing a comfortable medium through which to listen to the sounds of war.

The Tritons also handle music like a dream; the tone controls are a welcome addition to add some oomph to what can otherwise be flat-sounding music. The headphones do struggle a little if the bass gets a little too extreme, with the sound quality diminishing slightly as the bass overrides the other sounds.

This problem can be encountered while watching films as well, with particularly-jolting explosions and the like drowning out other sounds. However, it takes some extreme noises to cause these problems and 99% of the time the Tritons perform admirably, putting across crystal clear sound.

The microphone also stands out, giving a powerful and clear transmission over VoIP to landlines and game voice utilities such as TeamSpeak.

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