Soundots Speakers Let You Create a Wall of Sound


LAS VEGAS — A lot of Bluetooth speakers nowadays have the ability to daisy-chain. While that process adds more speakers, it doesn't necessarily improve the volume or sound, or make for a great multi-room experience. Available now, the $290 Soundot speaker plans to remedy that problem with seamless, near-instantaneous pairing and excellent sound quality.

Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's Guide

First things first:The Soundot looks damned good. Made of gray aluminum and steel, the speaker would look great anywhere in your house. Although it doesn't have an IP rating, company representatives told me that the speaker is both water- and dust-resistant. Along the rear panel, you'll find a charging port and a combination headphone/optical port. Inside, you'll find a pair of tweeters and a large bass radiator, part of which you can see protruding from the back of the device.

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Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's Guide

At the top and sides of the Soundit are four dots in a wave pattern. This is where the magic happens. Using the company's proprietary AiFi (artificial intelligence fidelity) technology, these dots allow the speakers to relay music at near instantaneous speeds. It took literally less than a second for two of the speakers to pair when we placed them next to, or on top of, one another.

As soon as they're connected, the dots connecting the devices seamlessly transmit music data. Just how many Soundots can you connect at time? Company reps told me that you can connect up to 65,000 speakers. While the company didn't have 65,000 devices on hand, they did have 66 stacked into a virtual wall of sound: a $19,000 configuration that they called "The Beast." They also showed me a configuration with three speakers in a row, one of them plugged into the optical port to a TV. With the other two speakers in place, they became a pretty good soundbar.

Credit: Tom's GuideCredit: Tom's Guide

By itself, a single Soundot sounds great for a speaker of its size. The depth of the bass is truly impressive, and the highs and mids are as clear as a bell. But when paired with another Soundot system, the audio quality gets even richer. And with more speakers, you get more volume without having to crank the sound up.

With its stylish design and surprising audio quality, the Soundot is sure to turn heads as it makes its debut. I'm looking forward to building my own mini-wall-of-sound during our upcoming review.