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Samsung Galaxy S7 User Guide

Enable Tracking Autofocus on Your Galaxy S7

Whether you want to shoot your adventurous extreme biker friend or your adorable child's first performance, keeping the focus on your subject is essential. The tracking autofocus feature in the Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge follows moving subjects around, making sure they stay sharp in every pic you snap. Here's how to enable the feature.

1. Open the Camera app.

2. Tap Settings on the top left.

3. Slide the Tracking Autofocus switch to the right.

Now, when you aim your phone at your star (you can only pick one), just tap on his or her face, and a yellow box will appear to indicate your selected focal point. The camera will keep that part of the scene in focus.

Cherlynn Low

Cherlynn is Reviews Editor at Engadget and was previously a staff writer at Tom's Guide, covering wearables, cameras and smartphones. In her spare time she enjoys devouring old episodes of Torchwood or The X-Files. Or taking selfies.