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RYNO, the Self-Balancing Motorized Unicycle

We said it before when we first saw the FlyRad: strapping an engine to a unicycle will at the very least give you a starring role in America's Funniest Home Videos, and at worst a 10-month stay in the hospital. That opinion's not enough to deter Ryno Motors from their dream of making a road-ready motorized unicycle.

This is latest prototype for their eponymous project, the RYNO. It looks like a generic motorbike, except it seems to be missing one major component, mainly another wheel. Now before you bring out your video cameras expecting to get a shot of someone wiping out spectacularly on this thing, prepare to be disappointed.

As you can see, the RYNO is about as stable as a regular two-wheeled scooter. Don't expect it to zip through the highways like a Ducati, though. The electric engine can only muster about 25mph for about 30 miles before needing a recharge. Then again, going any faster on just one wheel is probably just asking for trouble.

[source: Ryno Motors]