Hackers Trying to Sell PSN Data, Incl Credit Cards

If you have a PSN account, there's a good chance that hackers who infiltrated Sony's systems in the intrusion this month stole your personal information.

Now there are murmurs on the internet from those who wish to sell the information that they claimed to have come from PSN. Most frightening is that those who claim to have their hands on this information say that they also have credit card data.

Sony assured its PSN users that credit card data was encrypted and did not appear to be stolen, so at this point it's difficult to verify what is the truth.

Trend Micro security expert Kevin Stevens posted on Twitter:

The hackers that hacked PSN are selling off the DB. They reportedly have 2.2 million credits cards with CVVs

Supposedly the hackers selling the DB says it has: fname, lnam, address, zip, country, phone, email, password, dob, ccnum, CVV2, exp date

No, I have not seen the DB so I can not verify that it is true

Like many things on the internet, this could just be just a fake bundle of information. In any case, if you had a PSN account, then you should be high alert for potential identity theft and fraud.

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  • jgalecio
    No they have the CC info. Like I said a few days ago someone tried to transfer $4k from my buddies savings on an account he set up with PSN. I am calling Chase now to change all my stuff and am not setting up another PSN account ever. Thanks Sony you buttholes.
  • slayer10000
    ya you know what i hate to say this but any where you make account you have the chance of it getting hacked cause hackers have stopped going after banks but go after lower companys like gaming psn,xbox live ,blizzard the list goes on cause at the end of the day they dont have level of security that the banks have and safe guards
  • alextheawesome
    In any case, if you had a PSN account, then you should be high alert for potential identity theft and fraud.

    It's funny, because if you go on the Playstation forums you'll see that most of the posters are more concerned about not being able to play their precious CoD or if they'll actually get cross game chat after this is all done.