Massive PS4 Update Adds Quick Resume, Facebook Finder

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Your PlayStation 4 is about to get a major software makeover. Sony is releasing its version 2.5 "Yukimura" PS4 update tomorrow (March 26), which will add improved social features, more storage options and a faster way to hop back into your games.

One highlight of the Yukimura update is Suspend/Resume mode, an oft-requested feature that lets players immediately pick up their game from exactly where they left off when they last put the system to sleep. This functionality, which Microsoft's Xbox One already provides, means that you can get right back to that tough boss fight without having to re-boot your game from the home menu.

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Yukimura adds the ability to back up the PS4's internal storage to an external USB drive, which is ideal if you need to clear out some space or simply want peace of mind that your saves and screenshots won't be lost forever. On the social front, PS4 players with a linked Facebook account can search for friends on the social network, and the system's interface will better highlight what games their friends are playing.

If you just dominated a Call of Duty match or just barely survived a Bloodborne battle, it will now be easier to brag about it. The system will now automatically take a screenshot every time you earn an in-game Trophy, and those moments of triumph can be easily shared to Facebook, Twitter or via a private message. 

Perhaps most significantly, Yukimura aims to make PS4 more accessible for gamers with disabilities. The update will allow players to re-map the DualShock 4's button functions (which could be handy for one-handed gamers), and enables PS4 owners to zoom-in to images and invert colors for games and menus. Text-to-speech and enlarged text will be supported across the system's entire UI.

The version 2.5 update also adds 60 fps Remote Play support for those streaming to a PlayStation Vita or Xperia device, the ability for those with sub-accounts to upgrade to an independent account, and support for video clip uploads. Yukimura also introduces verified accounts, so you'll know if you're playing a game with the people who made it.

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