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Pranksters Ordered To Post YouTube Apology


Viera (FL) - A Florida judge has ordered two teenage boys to post a YouTube apology after they doused a fast-food worker with soda. The teens had ordered food at a local Taco Bell drive thru. While paying for the food, the boys threw a jumbo-sized cup of soda at clerk - a practice known as "fire in the hole" apparently coined after the phrase soldiers shout when something is about to explode.

Like many other pranks, this one was being filmed and then posted up on YouTube. The fast food worker, Jessica Ceponis found the video and single-handed tracked down the names and phone numbers of the teens.

The 16-year old driver and 15-year old passenger were charged with criminal mischief and battery. In addition to the video, they will have to write an apology and do 100 hours of community service.

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