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These are the Amazing Credit Cards of the Future

Credits cards have been the same old credit cards for decades. Sure, there are secure codes on the back that are required for online transactions, and Visa and Mastercard may also offer an extra layer of protection through a secondary password when checking out online.

In real life transactions, countries outside of the U.S. are not going by that magnetic strip and signature anymore. Rather they are relying on a chip that can't be as easily spoofed and a PIN system that's easier to keep secret than your John Hancock.

All of these are great evolutionary steps in credit card technology, but nothing quite holds a candle to the way Dynamics Inc. has used technology to make credit cards much more than just pieces of magnetic plastic.

Check out the demo given to us by Jeffrey Mullen, CEO of Dynamics Inc., at a recent event. Some of you may have these cards already in your possession if you're a Citibank client, but for the rest of us, we can't wait to get something like this in our wallets.