Rumor Has It: PlayStation VR Might Come to PC

The PlayStation rumors have started flying ahead of the countdown to the October launch of Sony's PlayStation VR headset. According to PCGamer, a PS executive has hinted that the head-mounted display would be PC-compatible, instead of a PlayStation 4 exclusive.

Masayasu Ito, Senior Vice President of Sony Computer Entertainment discussed the tantalizing possibility stating, "Since PlayStation 4 shares a lot of its components with PCs, the possibility is there. At the moment we are focused on games, and we are not ready to make any announcements at this stage, but I’d say there will be an expansion into various fields.”

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If Sony does explore this avenue, it could potentially win the burgeoning VR wars against Oculus Rift and the HTC Vive by being the cheapest option in the room. With a $399 price tag, PS VR costs significantly less than either the Rift ($599) or the Vive ($799). Since Sony's HMD is designed to work with the generally less powerful PlayStation 4, you probably won't get the high quality graphics that the Rift and the Vive will deliver.

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However Sony's also rumored to be working on a version of the PlayStation 4 that can deliver higher-end graphics. Dubbed the PlayStation 4K, this new console will feature higher-end specs and play 4K resolution content which will be perfect for virtual reality. According to the Wall Street Journal, Sony is set to announce the 4K console before the PSVR launch — just in time for that holiday shopping rush.

If both reports pan out, Sony could corner the market on VR since the company has sold 35.9 million PS4 worldwide since December 2015 according to the NPD group. That's a built-in audience that would only have to buy the headset and other accessories to get on the virtual reality craze.

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