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PlayStation Slim Coming Sept. 19 for $299

NEW YORK — After news of it leaked out weeks ago, the PlayStation Slim is finally official. Sony's slimmed-down PS4, which will replace the previous model as the company's flagship, will go on sale Sept. 19th for $299.

Design-wise, the Slim looks exactly like the console that leaked back in August. The smaller, squarer system has physical power and eject buttons that are far more pronounced than those of the previous PS4, but has the usual USB ports and disc drive in the front. The DualShock 4 controller has also gotten a minor redesign, with a new matte finish and a redesigned touchpad that lets you see the lightbar without having to turn the gamepad towards you.

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In terms of power, the Slim appears to be identical to the previous PS4, and will work just fine with PlayStation VR. Thanks to an upcoming firmware update for all PS4 models, the Slim will also support High Dynamic Range (HDR) for more colorful gaming on HDR-ready TVs.

If you want true 4K gaming, you'll have to hold out for the upcoming PS4 Pro, which is launching on Nov. 10 for $399. The Pro will play games such as Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Mass Effect: Andromeda in ultra HD, and will have special apps for streaming 4K content from Netflix and YouTube.