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PS3 Shipments to Europe Now Being Seized

There's been a halt of imports of the PlayStation 3 into Europe right now, due to a win by LG in an ongoing patent dispute between it and Sony.

The two companies are currently in battle over the use of Blu-ray technology that is claimed by LG Electronics. According to the Guardian, the patent has to do with the playback of Blu-ray Discs on the PS3. It must be a very specific patent, however, as Sony did have a hand in the Blu-ray specification.

As a result, there's a 10-day hold on the import of PS3 consoles into Europe, which are now being stored in the Netherlands. Retailers in Europe keep a two to three week stock of PlayStation 3, so if Sony is able to get things move again, there won't be any noticeable shortfall at retail.

LG has the option to extend the import ban further, or even request for the destruction of the consoles, but the courts won't likely grant the more extreme option.