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The Pixel 3 Might Come In This Odd Color

Google has dropped a hint about its upcoming Pixel 3. 


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On its Japanese site, the company has posted a teaser for its new flagship. The image, which tilts to follow your cursor, contains a familiar white, Google-branded phone with a bright green border around its screen. The "G," which looks to be the device's power button, also carries a green drop shadow. 

There's an Easter egg, though. Click the power button, and the device turns black, and the phone's border and power button become a solid white.

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Does this mean we can expect a green Pixel 3? It's not clear: The graphic could just be teasing the same black Pixel that we're all used to.  

But I'll be living in hope that this means a bright green-and-white phone like the one in this graphic is in the works. With even Apple's new phones coming in many colors, the Pixel 2's selection looks pretty bland in comparison, and it might be high time for Google to step it up.