The New iPhone Effect: Winners and Losers

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  • kansur0
    Just a note on this for Canadian users. Rogers iPhone early adopters have an adequate upgrade path. $199 for 16Gb and $299 for 32Gb if they renew a 3 year contract.

    Unfortunately this is not the case for Fido customers that can only use Fido Dollars and a $100 credit that appears on your next bill. That means the customer pays FULL PRICE of $699 for the 16Gb and $799 for the 32Gb and they get to use $50 (that is what I have) towards the phone. I wonder what they call the $100 bill credit. The "Carrot for stupid discount?" own Fido. Do you honestly think your customers are stupid enough to not see this?

    Clearly Roger's the ever greedy corporation still don't get the concept of fairness. Why would you give some customers a relatively fair price for a product and not allow Fido customers the same priveleges WHEN YOU REALLY ARE THE SAME COMPANY!!!

    As a Fido customer I thought I was making a smart decision to go with Fido for the per second billing option. WRONG!!! If I would have known Fido was going to screw customers for upgrades I would have just stayed with Rogers and bought a few extra minutes. you know. DON'T GO FIDO!!!
  • zodiacfml
    the overlap to nintendo/sony as a gaming device is very small..
    the iphone just enabled more gaming to working people since rarely bring/own such devices.
    it will change if kids and teens starts owning an iphone.
  • misasi
    Wow you mention all the top phone makers yet no mention of the palm pre? thats giving apple some direct competition.
  • justjc
    @misasi to be fair the Palm Pré isn't really aimed towards the same market as the iPhone.
    Not that the mentioned Research In Motions devices do either. I'm not to sure about the LGs, are they phones, or media devices with phone functionality, like the iPhone? One can also wonder where the socalled iPhone killers from Sony, HTC and Samsung are.

    Anyway the inclusion of the Palm Pré would force a part about needed innovation, as even the Apple crew at Arstechnica sees things in it they would love on their iPhones. We can't have criticism of the precius iPhone ;)

    Now I'd like to see a Palm Pré review, like the one above, on Toms Guides not mentioning the iPhone ;-p
  • mitcoes16
    Everyone with an Iphone tell me DO NOT BUY IT, as a phone fails a lot.
    Everyone with HTC (Android or Win CE) tells me BUY IT (If you need).
    They are not hundreds, but devices must work for what you need. And 600 USD for a games machine is very expensive
  • Anonymous
    Apple already won the war for the de-facto-standard handheld, pocket-sized computer platform of the future (without even needing to fight). Anyone who doesn't believe this, check the situation/market in 1 year. Just my 2 cents.
  • Codesmith
    Its its selling well and making lots of money then its a good product even if its not what you would chose to buy.

    Saying ... "this product is lacks suck and suck and I'd never buy it" is fine ... its even useful.

    Saying ... "this product sucks and the massive number of people buy it and mistakenly enjoy it are morons" is just idiotic.

    Anyway I have an iPod Touch which I love, I am staying away from the iPhone because I hate the entire cell phone business model.

    It limits choice, it limits flexiblity, it limits competition.

    I'll carry a digital camera, an iPod touch and a pay as you go cell phone rather than sign one of those 2-3 year agreements.

    But that's just me.