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Nikon CoolPix L10

Shooting Modes

With the L10 in Auto mode, a tap of the menu key brings up the shooting menu. This top level menu gives you access to the setup menu and allows you to change resolution, white balance settings and change from single shot to multiple shots. A unique feature, called BSS (Best Shot Selection), lets you take multiple shots with the camera selecting the sharpest shot to keep. Color mode lets you select standard color, vivid color, B&W, Sepia or Cyanotype.

The shooting menu gives you access to setup as well as various capture-related settings.

It’s worth mentioning that the L10 has the best white balance control of the cameras in this roundup. In addition to the Auto, tungsten, daylight and fluorescent settings found on the Kodak C533, the L10 provides additional settings for flash, cloudy as well as a user-defined white preset. User-defined white balance preset is a very nice feature normally found on more expensive cameras.

The CoolPix L10 gives you a lot of control over white balance.

In addition to features you’d expect to find on a setup menu such as format card, language selection, control over time/date imprinting and sound settings, the L10 has several unique "Monitor" settings. This menu allows you to control how much information you’ll see on your screen during capture mode. It also allows you to turn on a 3X3 framing grid to help you properly frame your images.

CoolPix L10 Setup menu

The 3X3 grid, accessible from the setup monitor menu, helps you frame your images.

With the slider switch in the Scene mode, the menu key provides access to the L10’s 16 preset shooting modes. The names, for the most part self explanatory, are as follows: