New $399 Surface Leaked: Here's the Key Specs (Update)

Microsoft is said to be working on a new cheap Surface tablet. And now, details have leaked on what you'll get for the rumored $399 price.

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(Image credit: Tom's Guide)

A tweet from Microsoft's @surface account teased the new Surface for as early as tomorrow, July 10 at 6 a.m., as the desktops on the Surface Pro, Surface Book, Surface Studio and Surface Laptop all show that time and date. On the right side of the image, a small shadow suggests there's a new Surface that would be revealed if you zoomed out.

A document was posted to Reddit on Sunday (July 8) that points to a "New Microsoft Hardware Display and Type Cover set on Friday, 7/13." While that's not necessarily the smoking gun that everyone is looking for, it suggests that Microsoft is planning to launch its next big slate, the Surface Tablet, on Friday.

To bolster that possibility and shed a bit more light on exactly what Microsoft has a planned, a poster on the Reddit page where the document was shared said that they had knowledge of the tech giant's plans. The person, whose comments were earlier reported on by TechRadar, added that the tablet would ship with a 10-inch screen and have an 1,800-by-1,200-pixel resolution.

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The new Surface will also come with USB-C and microSD support, according to the report, and offer a Pentium Gold processor. Add that to the Type Cover with touchpad you can use the Surface tablet as a mini notebook.

According to the poster, who didn't confirm a tie to Microsoft or explain where the information is from, the tablet would come in a variety of versions, including one that has 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage. Another would offer 8GB of RAM and 128GB of storage and only allow for Wi-Fi connectivity. Two LTE models will be available, each with 8GB of RAM. One model will have 128GB of storage and the other will come with 256GB, according to the report.

Rumors have been swirling that Microsoft is planning a new tablet launch this summer. And although details have been slim, the reports had suggested that the company's pricing would start at around $399. The tablet would be a budget-friendly model that would provide ample power for those who want a simpler slate experience. This would give Microsoft a direct competitor to the new $329 iPad, not to mention Chromebooks.

The insider who tipped Microsoft's plans on Reddit said that the device would be priced at around $399 for education customers. The person added that it would top out at $829 before you add in accessories.

Microsoft, of course, is remaining silent on its plans. But if it's indeed working on a new Surface slate, look for it to be available sooner rather than later.

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