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Apple Is Reviving the iPod Touch (Report)

A rumor published by Japanese blog Macotakara claims that “several suppliers”  say that Apple may be developing a 7th generation iPod touch. The blog has no known track record, but it may be true because, well, it just makes sense.

Credit: Apple

(Image credit: Apple)

The latest $199 iPod touch — equipped with a 4-inch display, A8 chip, 8-megapixel camera, and a maximum of 128 GB of storage — has been languishing in the Apple catalog since July 2015. Available in six different colors, it can run the latest version of iOS.

The Cupertino company is selling it to people who just want to listen to download apps, play games, watch video listen to music and take photos — without having to have a phone. But the current iPod touch is dated for most of these use cases now, especially with its puny 4-inch display and huge bezels.

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It’s certainly due for an update but, would anyone be interested? It’s not clear who would want to spend $199 on a device that can’t make calls except using Facetime over Wi-Fi (it doesn’t even run Whatsapp) when you can get a solid modern Android phone from the likes of Xiaomi for that money.

On the other hand, Apple is desperate to sell and keep the iOS market expanding. The iPhone is clearly way too expensive to do that, as its decreasing sales show. Tim Cook is trying to compensate the poor iPhone’s sales by pushing its cloud services offering, with Apple Music, Photos, iTunes films and series, and soon its own Netflix competitor.

The iPod touch's best target audience remains kids and pre-teens who want to use iMessage and for parents who aren't ready to add those kids to their monthly cellular bill.

Perhaps a new low cost iPod touch that has a larger screen and updated processor may be key to those efforts.

Jesus Diaz

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  • chuckdinkins3
    i would buy a new iPod touch. I still use my 160GB iPod classic on a daily basis. I don't stream much music and rather enjoy having access to my music collection I have built over the last 20-25 years. A modern version that allows me to do the same while expanding my user options would be great.

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