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Maybe This is Why You Put Your Phone in a Case

The iPhone 4 with its front and back glass construction means that it's normally a very fragile device. In fact, some users have dropped it from just a few feet, which resulted in a cracked iPhone 4. Antenna issues aside, it's no wonder so may iPhone users keep theirs in a case.

So amazing, then is the story of U.S. Air Force Combat Controller Ron Walker, who lost his iPhone 4 1,000 feet up in the air. Walker works as a Jump Master and one day he had his iPhone 4 in his pocket when he peered outside of an airplane traveling at 150 mph to look for landmarks. His pocket opened and his iPhone 4 leapt out without a parachute.

He thought his phone was a goner, as anything else would be from that high up. When he got back on the ground, he told his story to his co-workers. Eventually he tried to locate his phone from the Find My iPhone app on someone else's iPhone – and amazingly, his iPhone 4 was alive and broadcasting a signal!

Walker and a friend hopped on ATVs to head to the location of the phone. Within an hour, they found the phone in complete operational condition without a scratch. It was in a TPU rubber case, which must have helped, but another key variable was that the phone had its glass backing replaced with an aftermarket metal one.

The iPhone 4 survived the fall most likely due to it having its fall broken and slowed by tree leaves and brush on its way down.

In any case (hah), Walker owes much to the Find My iPhone app as he does to any kind of protection or modification.

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