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Watch iPhone 7 Take a Beating in Durability Test

The iPhone 7 is officially in stores today (Sept. 16), and it's safe to say that a good chunk of the people going home with one will end up dropping their new phone on more than one occasion. Fortunately, Apple's latest handset seems pretty resilient: YouTuber JerryRigEverything scratched, burned and even attempted to bend an iPhone 7 in a series of durability tests, and the phone came out relatively unscathed.

The iPhone 7's display proved to be extremely scratch-resistant, withstanding a series of special hardness picks that are designed to measure glass strength. The phone's home button, back panel and camera lens all proved to be similarly scratch-proof, withstanding everyday key and coin scratches, but eventually succumbing to a razor blade (which you're hopefully not carrying around in the same pocket as your iPhone, for many reasons).

Keep in mind that these tests was done on a matte-black iPhone 7. The glossy Jet Black version is said to be much more scratch-prone.

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Jerry's tests reveal that the iPhone 7's side buttons are made of metal, making them a bit more resilient than that of the average smartphone. He did have some concerns about the lifespan of the Lightning charging port, since it will now be responsible for both charging and music output in lieu of the phone's missing headphone jack.



Apple's new phone can even survive fire. During a burn test, the iPhone 7 withstood 10 seconds under direct contact with flame before a portion of the screen went black. When the flame went out, the blacked-out portion of the screen completely returned to normal.

Finally, Jerry decided to put the iPhone 7 through a bend test. It looks like Bendgate is a thing of the past — Apple's new handset proved to be nearly unbendable, though you can see some of the device's new waterproof adhesive start to come off if you attempt to bend the phone.

Apple's iPhone tends to be one of the sturdier smartphones out there, and it's nice to see that pattern continue with the 7 — especially since the phone can also take a small splash of water now, too. While we won't be slicing our iPhone 7 or setting it on fire, we look forward to seeing how it holds up in the real world. Stay tuned for our full review.