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iPhone 6 Plus Owners May Wait Months for New Batteries

Well, that didn’t take long. An internal Apple document indicates iPhone 6 Plus owners might have to wait until late March or early April to get their $29 battery replacements, due to high demand.

Photo Credit: Tom's Guide

(Image credit: Photo Credit: Tom's Guide)

The report comes from MacRumors, which spotted the document shared with Apple Stores and authorized repair centers. Thankfully, availability is expected to be much better for other models.

By Apple’s estimation, wait times for the iPhone 6 and 6s Plus shouldn’t exceed two weeks. Meanwhile, the rest of the devices covered under the program, including the iPhone 6s, 7, 7 Plus and SE, should be eligible for replacement “without extended delays.”

With Apple slashing battery replacement prices for iPhone 6 and newer models by $50 through all of 2018, we expected a shortage in components for certain iPhones, not to mention a backlog in repair appointments. There’s no criteria for how degraded your battery must be to qualify for the discount, meaning anyone can turn up at an Apple Store, so long as they have the appropriate model iPhone, and schedule the $29 service.

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The fact that it’s the iPhone 6 Plus that’s been hit particularly hard isn’t surprising. The phone was released in September 2014, meaning customers who purchased their phones at launch are running three-year-old batteries at this point. Apple has programmed iOS to restrict peak processor performance once a battery has lost 20 percent of its original capacity — which, for most users, typically happens after roughly two years of use.

Nevertheless, if you are interested in scheduling a battery replacement for your iPhone, it’s best to get it squared away as soon as possible. Fortunately, we have a guide to help you do exactly that, and another if you want to skip the Apple Store and opt for a third-party repair service instead.