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How to: Put an iPad to work, in the car

Wireless Keyboard

If you’re typing anything more involved than a Web address forget about the iPad’s on-screen keyboard. So, when I travel with my iPad, I bring along Verbatims’ $50 Wireless Bluetooth Mobile Keyboard.

It is smaller than most paperback books, weighs less than 10 ounces and folds open to reveal full-size keys. Its space bar is awkwardly split, but the keyboard works well. It comes with a padded case and offers a full set of keys plus ones for playing multimedia, adjusting the pad’s volume and its brightness.

There’s no software to load, but the Verbatim keyboard requires a pair of AAA batteries. It works like a charm with an iPad as well as Samsung’s Galaxy Tab, Motorola’s Xoom and any tablet that has an HID-based Bluetooth system.


It works perfectly sitting on a lap or on the fold-down door of my car’s glove box, making it the passenger’s best friend.