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Hardcore iOS Games: Infinity Blade Vs. Rage HD

Infinity Blade, Cont'd (spoiler warning)


The first bloodline play-through will take about an hour before you reach the final boss, which is a level 50 character that will make short work of you. From there, the game starts all over again, except you play the next generation of the same warrior who magically has all the same experience, armor and items from your fallen predecessor.

The name Infinity Blade is quite appropriate, as the game is a little bit like the movie Groundhog Day, where the game repeats from start to end to start again until your character is strong enough to finally overcome the God King.

Each play-through is considered a "bloodline" and through each successive bloodline, the enemies scale up in difficulty. After a handful of repeats, your character should finally be strong enough to take down the God King.


Production values for Infinity Blade are the best that the iOS platform has yet seen. In fact, the game rivals everything, except for the finest games-dedicated gaming hand-helds. When it comes to smartphones, Chair's game is the best yet.

Unreal Engine 3 even manages to pump out gorgeous pixels on what should be a modest platform. Inspection of the visuals reveals a lack of anti-aliasing, but the pixel density of the iPhone 4 screen does quite well at hiding those artifacts.

The sound output of the iPhone, or even the iPad, is adequate at best. But the soundtrack and sound effects of this game demand a good pair of headphones. The graphics are still the star of the show, but this isn't the sort of game that's just as satisfying without good sound to back it up.

Infinity Blade shows the potential of gaming on smartphones. Although Infinity Blade isn't as much of a bargain at $5.99 – which is a universal app that works across iPhone, iPod touch and iPad – as Rage HD is at $1.99, it offers more replayability and is still a good gaming value.


  • Infinity Blade
  • Maziar
    Both look really great,it shows mobile gaming is moving in the right direction IMO
  • sabot00
    Rage for the win, can't wait for the PC.
  • MxM
    "Xbox 350"? is this some joke I miss?