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Intel's Compute Card Will Keep Your Smart Home from Becoming Obsolete

Intel found a way to keep your smart home from becoming obsolete. It's called the Compute Card, and it's a computer, about the size of a credit card, that will provide the entire platform for smart technology, making it easy to upgrade at your whim.

The tiny computer has a CPU, RAM, Bluetooth, Wi-Fi and it can run anything that has a slot for the card. Intel representatives told me that it's meant to simplify the design process for smart gadgets, as they'll already know the computer they're using. They just need to include a slot for the card.

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It's also a benefit for consumers. In three years when your specs are outdated, you can buy a new Compute Card with the latest and greatest without throwing away an entire smart refrigerator. Those worried about obsolete smart tech will be able to upgrade at will. Alternatively, if the PC breaks, you can just swap in a new one.

Products using the card will come from partners including Dell, HP, Lenovo, Sharp and inFocus by the end of the year.

While Intel showed me the Compute card at its booth at CES 2017 in Las Vegas, the official launch will come at Computex in May with full specs and demos.

All Intel reps would mention is that there will be a lineup of Compute Cards at different price points, and will that they will include 7th Generation processors.

Andrew E. Freedman

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