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Huawei's iPhone X Killer Leaks in New Images

China-based Huawei is said to be working on a major iPhone X killer. And now we've gotten our first glimpse of what it might look like.

Credit: Android Authority

(Image credit: Android Authority)

The folks over at Android Authority this week obtained leaked images of the Huawei P20. It's unclear from where the images came, but appears to be the real deal. And by the look of it, Huawei has attempted to take some cues from Apple's iPhone X design and improve upon it in important ways.

Like Apple's flagship, the Huawei P20 in the images comes with impossibly thin bezels all around. But instead of going with a notch design, Huawei has instead extended that black band across the screen. Android Authority said that the handset didn't turn on, however, so it's unclear how far it actually stretches from bezel to bezel.

The P20 comes with a thin profile and doesn't have a physical home button, according to Android Authority. It does, however, have a power button on the side that has "indicator lights" above it. Android Authority suggests the power button is also touch-sensitive, allowing you to adjust volume on it. As you do, the lights at the top light up.

Taking a cue from other high-end handsets, the P20 will ship with dual speakers, if the prototype in question is any indication (previous Huawei phones featured a single speaker). Both speakers are placed at the bottom of the smartphone, where grilles flank the USB-C port.

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Moving to the back, the prototype suggests the P20 will come with dual rear-facing cameras. But unlike the iPhone X, which has vertically aligned cameras, the P20 will deliver horizontally aligned ones. There had been some reports that the P20 could ship with three rear cameras, but the prototype only shows two.

Huawei will participate at Mobile World Congress in Barcelona next week, but the company won't actually unveil the P20 at the show, according to Android Authority. Instead, Huawei is planning to deliver it at a special press event in Paris at the end of March.

Until then, expect many more Huawei P20 leaks to surface.

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