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Huawei Mate 20 Pro Leaks Reveals 4,200 mAh Battery, Crazy-Fast Charging

The Huawei Mate 20 Pro will debut in four days and, with this new leak, we pretty much know everything that needs to be known about what could be one of the best Android smartphones in existence.

All the features sound promising, but the rumored battery is just crazy good news.

Credit: Roland Quandt/

(Image credit: Roland Quandt/

It's no wonder that Huawei was trolling Apple users waiting in line to buy the iPhone XS with its lackluster battery life. Compared to the Huawei Mate 20 Pro 4,200mAh battery, the iPhone Xs 2,659mAh and Max’s 3,179mAh batteries seem like jokes. The Mate 20 Pro would eve beat the mammoth 4,000 mAh battery in the Galaxy Note 9.

Now, battery capacity alone does not determine a phone's endurance. But the Note 9's larger battery did outlast the iPhone XS Max in our web surfing battery test by nearly 40 minutes.

Not only is the battery a monster, but Huawei SuperCharge 2.0 can reportedly juice it up to 70 percent in just 30 minutes. If confirmed by our testing, that’s a truly extraordinary feat. Not that you will need to charge this too often. With that size, this thing will probably be able to operate for more than one day without a charge under normal use.

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The rest of the Mate 20 Pro's leaked features are equally impressive: A triple camera with 40, 20 and 8 megapixel sensors and Leica-engineered lenses. The first will be the main camera, the second will have telephoto lenses for a 5x optical zoom, and the last will add low light details. Reportedly, the camera will be able to take macro shots at a distance of 2.5 centimeters — not even one inch.

The AMOLED display is 6.39 inches and 1,440 x 3,120 pixels, powered by a next generation 7-nanometer Kirin 980 chip at 2.6GHz paired with 6GB of RAM. Reportedly, the storage will go from 128GB to 512GB.

All this technological terror comes at a price: $1,100, according to sources — if it ever comes to the US. It’s the equivalent of the iPhone XS Max, after all, except with much better hardware all around and a battery that won't make me laugh.

And in the possibility of the Mate 20 Pro's glass back charging Huawei's equivalent of Apple's AirPods, and you could have the ultimate troll phone.